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Added on 29/07/2013 
Vi var rigtig heldige at faa kontakt til Norman, som guidede os sikkert og inspirerende rundt paa Bali i to uger.
Vi kan kun anbefale, at man lader Tour Guides Bali arrangere hele opholdet paa Bali. De kender de gode hoteller og alle sevaerdigheder.
Norman taler rigtigt godt engelsk, lille smule dansk og har rigtig god humor. Priserne er meget rimelige og man kan trygt bruge dette firma.

We were really lucky to get in touch with Norman, who guided us safely and inspiring round in Bali in two weeks.
We can only recommend that you let Tour Guides Bali organise the entire stay on Bali. They know the good hotels and all attractions on Bali.
Norman speaks really good English, little bit Danish and have a great sense of humor. The prices are very reasonable and feel secure by booking Tour Guides Bali)

Jakob Geertinger

Added on 11/05/2012 
Dear Max and Norman, Tour Guides Bali

Thank you for providing such amazing tours and Norman you are such a knowledgeable driver/guide. Norman speaks extremely good English is very pleasant, friendly, courteous and he is also most informative regarding the Balinese history, culture and religion. The two day trip to Lovina was filled with places of interest and spectacular beauty including temples, waterfalls, hot springs, spectacular scenery paddy fields and mountains, rural villages and interesting towns, hot springs for bathing, the sacred monkey forest culminating in the sunset at the spectacular temple at Tanka Lot. The air conditioned transport was comfortable and the accommodation and meals provided were all first class and the dolphin watching spectacular at sunrise and I did see some dolphins.

The snorkelling trip to the Blue Lagoon was superior to any I experienced on the Great Barrier Reef as there were many more different species of fish and beautiful coral and the bonus is you are not on an organised snorkelling tour with lots of people which enables you to spend more time looking at what is interesting to you.

The final trip was to Tanjung Benoa this trip includes optional water sports however I decided to go to Turtle Island which was wonderful and being able to handle the baby turtles was amazing. The Uluwatu Temple and the Kecak Balinese Dancing in the beautiful amphitheatre at sunset was sensational followed by a superb grilled seafood dinner on the beautiful beach at Jimbara.

All in all fantastic tours well organised, informative, spectacular scenery an excellent driver/guide and extremely good value. I would not hesitate to recommend this company. If you are going to Bali contact them.

Ann Graham
United Kingdom

Ann Graham

Added on 05/02/2013 
Here we go!
In December, in the middle of a rather dark and cold Norway, we discussed where to go to find blue ocean, sandy beaches and warm and sunny days? Bali, we decided. And, after three flights, traveling more than 24 hours, we came to the the airport at Denpasar, meeting our first impression of Bali. Not very pleasant, I`d say. Very crowded and very hot. We quaked up, following the current, and suddenly we saw a plate with our names on, and a smiling face. That face belongs to Norman, and from that point things started to improve. Norman showed up to be a well of knowledge about Bali, where to swim, where to shop, where to dine, and some other where to...? We did not go on holiday to save money (who does?) Norman knew where to find the most beautiful pieces of art, silver, fabric, wood or stone. Besides, he is very well acquainted with the history and religion of Bali, which he shares richly with anybody showing interest. Always in a bright mood with a good sense of humor. And, of course, he is familiar with as well the known as the secret places of the beautiful island Bali.

So, if you want to go to Bali, - Do it right at the first attempt: CONTACT TOUR GUIDES BALI RIGHT AWAY.

Sissel Endresen

Sissel Endresen

Added on 16/01/2013 
I have been to the beautiful island of Bali twice. I was very lucky that I met Norman on my first visit to Bali and he has been my tour guide and go to person for all my needs. Norman knows the best places to shop, get your money exchanged, have a meal, have a coffee and generally anything you want to do and anywhere you want to go.

I saw some breathtakingly beautiful places on the island, some that are not normally seen by tourists. I saw the real Bali with Norman.

Tour Guides Bali is amazing, it is reasonably priced and seems to know what you need even if you don't know yourself.

I would recommend Tour Guides Bali to anyone who is looking for a memorable experience on the beautiful island of Bali.

Beryl Lines

Beryl Lines

Added on 21/04/2011 
We spent 10 days in wonderful Bali and were met by the kindest guide who picked us up at the airport. On the way to our hotel Norman had already told us a lot about Bali and it was very interesting.

We had Norman to show us Bali and he was always funny and energetic and he told us everything there

is to know about the beautiful island. We booked Norman, from Tour Guides Bali, for about 4 tours and they were all very exciting and beautiful.

Especially the tours to an elephant park where we got to ride an elephant and the tour to Bali Bird Park with the associated reptile park were great!

Norman is a true Balinese and cares about the community, so if you want to experience Bali the way it's supposed to, book your tours through him, Tour Guides Bali - you won't regret it!

Thank you Norman, for the best holiday ever!

Melissa & Tobias
Copenhagen, Denmark.

Tobias Moentegaard

Added on 21/03/2011 
At the end September, 2010, my husband and I travelled to Bali. We are not experienced travellers and Bali seem as a exotic and exciting place.

Norman, from Tour Guides Bali, picked us up at the Bali airport. We were tired after the journey and sweaty since our travel clothing was made for a completely different climate.

We were still a bit turbulent as we got into the taxi/car for the transport and were meet by a warm and smiling man. It was Norman. He welcomed us to the paradise, at this time We did not understand - how right he was about that!

This friendly, humorous, knowledgeable man showed us Bali places we wouldn't have even be able to find by ourselves. He spoke in easy to understand English about the amazing culture which makes Bali as only Bali is.

Norman became a friend to us and our journey became rich in experiences and knowledge wich it couldn't be in any case without Norman. We have been in Paradise and we will be back. Norman has much more to show and tell us about and we will not want to miss that.

Thank You Norman. We'll see you again!

Lena & Bernt Karneke

Lena Karneke

Added on 05/01/2011 
In oktober 2010 we went to Bali for our 100 years birthday (50+50).We had a wonderful time in Kuta Beach, Bali.
We meet Norman as a tourguide in one of our tours.
The tour was a two day trip to the northen part of Bali in Lovina. Norman was a super Bali guide and told a lot of things about Bali and how people live on the wonderful Bali Island .
We were so satisfied with Norman and did a couple of more tours with him during the 14 days we were there. We sincearly recomend the tours around Bali and especially with such a SUPERGUIDE as Norman.
We will try to come back for more tours with Norman we want him to show us more of the real BALI....thank you Norman for the nice unfogettable moments we had with you.

Kenth And Lotta Bjorklund
from SWEDEN.

Kenth & Charlotte Bjorklund

Added on 25/03/2010 
We, me and my husband, was visiting Bali in may 2009.

During our stay we took some different trips around Bali.
In one of our trips, we have the pleasure to have Norman, from Tour Guides Bali, as our personal guide.

He is a very informativ guide, who really understod to tell us the good stories about Bali. He took us to
some interesting places, among others:Barong Dance, monkey forest, a plantation where we tastede
coffe and chocolate, a place where they were making the most beautiful things in wood and finally
we visit a private home.

Norman is a very kind and smiling person, with a good sense of humor.

We vill hereby always recomend Norman from Bali Tour guide as your personal guide when you visit Bali
and need a guide who know so much about Bali.

Eigil & Susan Yde

Susan & Eigil Yde

Added on 12/03/2010 
We are two couples from Sweden with a great experience from travelling abroad. We visited Bali during two weeks in February 2010 and had the pleasure to be welcomed at the airport by Norman.
During our two weeks vacation we chosed to be guided by Norman on most of our trips.
He has a great knowledge of things going on in Bali. He has also a really good knowledge in Bali history and culture.
Norman speaks an excellent English and is very easy to understand. He is also a very nice person. We can highly recommend Norman as guide when visiting Bali, the Island of the Gods.

Lars Aace & Kaisa, Eva & Holm

Added on 10/03/2010 
We have been on holiday twice on "Island of Gods" Bali, it must be one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Bali's population consists of beautiful and very friendly people, and Norman our guide is one of them. He is a really good guide who knows his country and is proud of the story, a really tells where no question is too small or silly.

Norman showed us much of his island, also a large part, as tourists do not normally get to see, we were deeply impressed by his way to guide us.

We can warmly recommend Norman.

Vivi and Lisa

Annelise Arnsfeldt Larsen

Added on 28/02/2010 
We visited Bali for two weeks in February 2010. As this was our first visit we wanted guided tours of the island, and we spend a total of four days with Norman from Tour Guides Bali.
Norman is a native of Bali, and he therefore has a vast knowledge of the island, its nature, culture and society. He showed us not only many "must see" places, but also many small corners of the island. We got therefore an excellent impression of the island.
We can definitely recommend others to contact Tour Guides Bali (tourguidesbali.com) for very good guided tours of the island, When we come back, we will definitely contact Norman again to get more impressions of this wonderful island.
Per Gjerlov

Per Gjerlov

Added on 23/02/2010 
Hi Tour Guides Bali - Norman

In april 2009 we had the pleasure to go to the beautyful Bali. We chose to mix with relaxing days at the pool and going on some of the many tours with Norman -"Tour Guides Bali". We had the same guide the two weeks we stayed there. He was very informed with the history, geographical informations of Bali and told us a lot about the culture and the society of Bali. He was also very enthusiastic in the way of presenting and also had time for jokes and fun.

Further more his english was very good and he even knew a little swedish, danish and german.

We went to the north to see dolphins and a waterfall. And at the way back we went to a monkeypark and to the firedance at a beautyful temple.

In general we recomend the trips to some of the many tempels and also a visit to the volcano, which is a breathtaking view along with the lake next to it.

Last of all we could also recommend a trip to the warm baths and a good massage. Norman-"Tour Guides Bali" helped us find a place, where the people are educated, so you dont risk a bag injury.

All in all we were happy to use "Tour Guides Bali" and they gave us an unforgetable memory of Bali, for which we are very greatfull. We can only recommend other turists to spend some days in good company and with a guide, who knows what he talks about"

Hope that all is well and that you homepage will be succesfull!

Good luck and friendly regards

Berit and Jens

Jens Brunbech

Added on 23/02/2010 
We had two unforgetable weeks in Bali in november 2008.

The first day we met Norman, and he is a fanastic man, he speak very good english, he know everything about his Bali and he explain it to you in a very, very good way.

He was our guide on our guided tour to the north of Bali to see the dolphins, a very nice waterfall, the monkeys, we saw firedance, we saw the sunset together. We saw a lot of Bali Culture and we had a fantastic afternoon with him, when we saw football and eat together with him.

We recommend Norman and Tour Guides Bali (Toursguidesbali.com) and hope you will get a lot of success.
And if we come back we will contact you again.

Best wishes to Norman and his nice and beutiful family.

Britta and Rune Holmsten
Ornskoldsvik, Sweden

Britta Holmsten

Added on 18/02/2010 
We have been traveling around in Thailand for the past 4 years - so now we have arranged for something else - and Bali was the place to go.

On our very first trip around the Island we had the pleasure to meet Norman - our little local Bali guide. He gave us a very special treatment, showed us the local Bali culture and took us to some very special places around the Island.
Norman is very passioned about his commitment to the local culture and he is figthing for the best of Bali - by showing the real Bali.

We had the very best time of our life - thanks to Norman and his passion, understanding and love for his Island Bali.
We have allready recommended Norman and Tourguidesbali.com to some of our Danish friends - so hopefully we can help to build and maintain the Bali culture.

Our very best wishes to Norman and family
from your friends in Denmark
Caroline & Jesper

P.S Just give a call, and we have a room for you ;-)

Jesper Palm Lundorf

Added on 15/02/2010 
Dear Nyoman,

Congratulation with Tour Guides Bali, Norman.
Its already 3 years ago that we visit Bali and could learn really a lot about the island with you. Bali still is one of the best places on earth to go. For us this vacation was a dream we again and again think about, even after years.
We never will forget being at the temple with all the monkeys or swimming with dauphins in the north of Bali.
The most impressive experience we had when we where allowed to come to the temple festival together with you. That was unforgetable!
Thanks to you we had the best time in Bali I can imagine.

Looking forward seeing you again.

Personal Regards


Wolfgang Reeh

Added on 10/02/2010 
I am happy to recommend this company to anyone traveling to Bali even if you dont think you need a guide!!

You can feel confident using Norman and his company. I have travelled extensively and used tour guides in a lot of countries and I have found Tour Guides Bali the best I have used anywhere in the world!!!

I have used Tour Guides Bali on two trips to bali and I am looking forward to using them on my next trip which will be later this month. Both times I have used them they have tailor made the tours to suit my needs and they are extremely helpful in every way.

I have found them extremely honest and great value for the price they charge, I can not recommend them highly enough!!!

Stewart Morley

Stewart Morley

Added on 21/01/2011 
I want to give Tour Guides Bali my strongest recommendation. Norman is a trustworthy guide with good English skills. The trip was amazing and Bali is one of my favourite destinations.

Anne Gonzalez

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