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Nyoman Purwata

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We are a Balinese company - with experienced Tour Guides in Bali and experienced Tour Drivers. We are familiar with most places of interest for tourists and also the major tourist attractions of Bali, if you order us for one or more guided tours in Bali.We can offer you high valued tour guiding in the following 11languages (more to come): Indonesian, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Danish, Russian, Chinese speaking Bali guides.

I am Nyoman Purwata (Norman)! I am a 36 years old Balinese tour guide, leader of the tour guides and drivers. I handle everything about organizing and planning our guided tours in Bali and over land. I am a professional Tour Organizer in Bali (English speaking), experienced tour guide in bali and driver too.

I am CEO of Tour Guides Bali and one of the two founders of Tour Guides Bali. Together with the other founder of Tour Guides Bali, Max Lund, leader of the administrative department and building our online business, we are the owner of Tour Guides Bali.

Our aims:

To give you a short explanation of the various features you can experience on our wonderful island. We will suggest you the best tourist attractions in Bali to see, do and buy, depending on your interest and whishes.

We will make recommendations based on fair comparisons of various hotels, shops and such, depending on your needs and wants during your Bali Tour. Above all your safety is our primary concern.

I look forward to welcoming you to Bali, a place I hope you will come back to … again and again!

Shared dream

Our goal is to prove to you that we are worth your trust and can help you get beautiful, safe and relaxing vacations here in Bali.

Personal touch

You are welcome to write us: Tour Guides Bali, Nyoman Purwata,Br. Selat Sobangan, Mengwi,Badung, Bali, Indonesia - or use our contact form Click here.

Take away

No matter what you decide - we wish you happiness, good health & Success.

Norman & Max

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