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Bali has been capable – perhaps with some adjusting along the time - to maintain the Balinese culture . The Balinese has a friendly and impressive ability to move on and turn unhappy events to something good and positive. The Balinese are tolerant and open, they did know how to absorb the very best from other parts of the world without loosing own values and traditions. The atmosphere on Bali is attractive for everyone from all parts of the world no matter about you are enjoying life, a bohemian ore artist – all of them are inspired of the harmony in/on Bali. We have Bali tour packages – where you will be able to see everything. We - as your Bali Guide - will help you with all the info you may want to know about Bali island and Balinese culture.

…You owe yourself to visit Beautiful Bali – The Balinese people will give you a very friendly Welcome on Bali in your holidays in Bali.



Bali island is a part of the country Indonesia and lies approximately 8 degrees south of the equator and 3.2 km east of Java, Indonesia.

Pouplation in Bali: 3,156,392 and growing at an average rate. People of Bali are known as Balinese.

Languages: Balinese, Indonesian & English.

The area of the island of Bali is 5,632.86 square kilometers. The island of Bali is the largest in Province of Bali. There are several other small islands like Nusa Penida, Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Lembongan, and Serangan Island. Bali is approximately 153 km wide and 112 km north to south (95 by 69 miles, respectively).

The Province of Bali is divided into 9 districts, and the districts of Bali are furthe sub-divided into 51 sub districts, 565 villages, and 79 local political districts.

Religion: At least 80% of the total pouplation in Bali is Hindu. The Hinduists are very deticated to their religion - The Hinduism. Read more about Bali Temples here: Temples in Bali.

The balinese Hindu celebrations and events is a part of The Hinduism - So there are festivals and celebrations around the year. Major Festivals in Bali: Galungan, Nyepi, Saraswati and Arts Festival are some of the major festivals. Get informations about the dates for this in our section: Events In Bali.

Lakes in Bali: There are four lakes:
Lake Beratan (375,6 Ha),
Lake Buyan (336 Ha),
Lake Tamblingan (11 Ha) and
Lake Batur (1.607,5).

Best time to visit Bali: May to September

The highest point of Bali island is Mount Agung at 3,142 m (10,308 feet) high, an active volcano that last erupted in March 1963. Mount Batur (1,717 m) is also still active - read more here: Kintamani, Mount Agung, Volcano in Bali.

Bali's principal city is Denpasar, near the southern coast. Its population is around 300,000.

There are major coastal roads and roads that cross the island mainly north-south. Due to the mountainous terrain in the center of Bali, the island roads tend to follow the crests of the ridges across the mountains. There are no railway lines.

The town of Ubud (north of Denpasar), with its art market, museums and galleries, is arguably the cultural center of Bali island. Read more about the just mentioned areas of: Denpasar.

The principal cities of Bali island are the northern port of Singaraja, colonial capital of Bali, and the present provincial capital. Read more here Bali Singaraja.

Beaches in the south tend to have white sand, as on the quiet Sanur beach (use the link watch videos from the blue lagoon Bali, read info, see pictures and Bali maps) while those in the north and west tend to have black sand. The main beach and the secret beach have white sand and the south beach and the Blue Bagoon, Bali (use the link watch videos from the blue lagoon Bali, read info, see pictures and Bali maps) have much darker sand. Pasut Beach, near Ho River and Pura Segara, is a quiet beach 14 km southwest of Tabanan.

The island is surrounded by coral reefs.

If you want to know more about Bali visit our Bali information pages (lot of Bali info about Bali major cities, Bali temples, Bali attractions and Bali activities). The pages include Bali video(s), Bali Photos - many with picture slide-show and marked Google maps Bali. If your you decide to visit Bali and want to plan your holidays in Bali - then visit our Bali tour packages .

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Be sure - in good time - before departure that your passport has a minimum of six months validity from the date of departure. Visa requirements depent on which country you live in - the requirements differ for each country, kindly check with your local embassy if you may require a visa to enter Indonesia.
Visa on Arrival - International Visitors holding valid passports from designated countries can obtain either a 7 or 30 day non-extendable visa at any of the 15 airports and 21 seaports designated as “international gateways” by the Indonesian Immigration department. The fee for this visa, payable upon landing, is US$10 for a 7 day visa and US$25 for a 30-day visa per person..

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On leaving Bali, every person is obliged to pay a passenger facility service charge Rp. 150.000 for international flight departure and Rp. 11-30.000 for domestic flight departure.

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Information about the actual weather on Bali today/tomorrow: Bali Weather
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Bali has two seasons only i.e. rainy season is from November to March with the heavy rain in the end of December and in the beginning of January, while dry season, from April to October. Bali has a very mild and agreeable climate the whole year round, the temperature in the coastal area varies from 28 degrees celcius to 32 degrees celcius, (in the mountains it drops 6 degrees celcius).

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It is prohibited to import or export Indonesian (Bali) currency exceeding Rp. 5.000.000,- however, there is no restriction on import or export of foreign currencies,
Note : As always: Remember to check your change at the money changers, (use own calculator) and be the last to count your money.

There is plenty of ATM machines in Bali, especially in Kuta, Denpasar, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Lovina and Singaraja - at least all major cities on Bali have ATM machines.

The currency is Rupiah (Rp), which consists of:
Coins : 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, and 1000 Rp
Notes : 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10. 000, 50.000 and 100.000 Rp
bali atm machines

If you want to check how a exchange will be from Indonesia Rp to $ US : Calculate live-time exchange using MSN (Microsoft)
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Note: We are not in any way affiliated with Microsoft and will not get anything if you
use this calculator- we just mention it as a free service/guideline for you - without any
guarantee from us in any way at all
. If you want to exchance any moneywe advice you
to search for/get legal and/or economic advice from respective expert.

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Indonesia is divided into three time zones with Bali on central Indonesia standard time which is GMT+8.
If you want to check your local time versa local time Bali or somewhere else - you can do that here: The World Clock – Time Zone Converter

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Ngurah Rai Airport (IATA: DPS, ICAO: WADD), also known as Bali International Airport, is located in southern Bali, 13 km south of Denpasar. It is Indonesia's third-busiest international airport, after Jakarta's Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and Surabaya's Juanda International Airport. The airport is located close to the extensive tourist developments of southern Bali; the resort center of Kuta is 2.5 km north of the airport.
Geographic Location
The geographic location of Bali airport is 08.44.51 S - 115.10.09 1. It's elevation is 4.3 M / 14 Feet and it comprises a total area of 265.60 Ha.
Information desks
Information desks are located in both of the terminals.
A left luggage counter is to be found next to the entrance of the international departures terminal.
Changing money
There are banks and money changer offices, but you will get a more favorable rate at the banks and money changers in town, so just change as much as you need.
A variety of shops can be found at the international and domestic terminals, including the Duty Free Plaza Bali at international departures with world class outlets such as Hermes, Burberry's and Fendi.
Eating / Drinking
Restaurants and cafes from McDonalds to coffee shops to smart Balinese dining are open from 6.00am till the last flight in both terminals.

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Bali lies just 8 degrees south of the equator, therefore light and loose cotton attire is more advisable for the day time, but a cotton sweater and trousers may be useful in the mountains.

Dress properly - when entering the Hindu temple: wear sarong and sash on your waist , do not walk in front of the congregations who are still praying. It is considered impolite to wear miniskirt, short, and beach wear in towns, the villages, or public facilities and government offices.

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Bali is known as a treasure house of interesting goods, splendid local hand-woven materials, silver and gold works, woodcarvings, paintings, garments - which we have made a Bali tour packages including all the mentioned Bali places - You'll find the tour here: Bali arts, Silversmiths, Kintamani, Batur and you will be able to see the art be made and eventual buy some of it directly from the painters, wood carvers, silversmiths... But be careful because you have two options to buy things here, the good and real one and the fake one, don't pay for the fake one with the good and real thing price. About shopping Bali - Markets etc - Lots of info here: Bali Info & Shopping Bali

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Government offices open from 07.00hrs-14.00 hrs on Monday-Thusday, while on Friday they are open from 07.00 hrs -11.00 hrs, for Saturday and Sunday are closed. Local shops are open seven days a week from 09.00 hrs - 18.00 hrs while big store, department stores and supermarkets open from 09.00 hrs - 21.00 hrs.

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As always when you travel to other countries - ask and get advice from your local doctor. There are mosquitoes in Bali but in the information we have seen there has been no malaria cases reported for the last decade on Bali, still the most certain way to avoid it, is not to get bitten so bring mosquito repellent along and use it when it is getting dark. Hospital and health centers staffed by well trained doctors and medical assistants are available in major tourist resorts. Medicine can be obtained from the local chemist shops called "Apotik" in conformity with the doctor's prescription. If you should have a bad day and need health care - see this site for addresses to hospitals, clinics, doctors: Bali hospitals, Bali clinics - Emergency Bali addresses and phone numbers.

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It is not recommended to drink from the tap of the hotel or outside function venue. Some hotels usually provided free bottled water in the room, if not you can buy it from the supermarket nearby.

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A 10% service charge is added to the bill at hotels and restaurants but some places never ask it, for this, a small gratuity will be appreciated..

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Bali is linked via satellite to all major countries in the world and to make an international call can be made from any private house, business center, hotel, or any telecommunication center. Dial 001 or 008 then your country code and the telephone number. Internet services can be done in internet-cafe, hotels (often) etc. that exist in all major tourist resorts or towns.

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220 volts 50 cycles throughout the country and major hotels have only two-round plug sockets. Check your appliance for a 100V/220V switch, if not you will need a voltage converter.

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There are some pockets and snatch thieves, so hang on to your bag and keep your money belt under your shirt. Theft is not an enormous problem, but visitors do lose things from unlocked hotel rooms or from the beach. Always lock your room, even at night. Valuable items should be checked with reception or, if not needed, left in a security box. Be aware of that some Bali airport's porters can be spoiled.

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The surf can be very dangerous, with a strong current on some tides, lifeguards patrol swimming area of the beach, indicated by red-and-yellow flags. If they say the water is too rough or unsafe to swim, they mean it.

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DO NOT.........

Don't do drugs, it can be carry the death penalty, and there are many foreigners residing in Bali courtesy of the government prison service.
Don't touch people's head, it is impolite to the Balinese.
Don't swim outside designated area on the beach, current can be very strong, swim between the red and yellow flags only
Don't enter a temple during menstruation. Sorry ladies!
Don't forget to look and listen the while you cross the road, cars may stop but motorbikes may not.
Don't stop over the offerings but try to walk arround
Don't walk in front of the people praying.
Don't focus camera toward the people praying
Don't sit higher than the priest or the offerings.

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Click on the following link to get informaions about: Foreign Consulates in Bali.

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Click on the following link to get to our page with all: important Bali addresses and phone numbers on Bali including EMERGENCY: POLICE - FIRE DEPT. - AMBULANCE - SEARCH & RESCUE, AMBULANCES - HOSPITALS - CLINICS - DENTIST - INTERNATIONAL SOS - CHEMIST, IMPORTANT PLACES (BALI AIRPORT, GENERAL INFO, SERVICE DEPARTMENT, IMIGRATION OFFICE) - and a lot more...

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The Department of Tourism (Bali) has six Information Centres where booklets and brochures can be obtained free of charge. If you want information about Bali places, attractions, Bali temples, Bali cities etc. click here to be forwarded to our Bali Info pages (lots of Information, Bali videos, Bali pictures and Bali maps.

You'll find addresses and phone numbers to Bali tourist info inside our page here (click and be forwarded) Addresses : important Bali addresses and phone numbers on Bali

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