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Visiting the Bali Coffee Plantation with Spices & Fruits attraction is included in all of the following 3 tours:

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Kintamani Batur Volcano View Tour (8 attractions, Bali Panorama tour)
Batu Bulan village (Balinese dance show) - CELUK (village gold/silver) - Batuan (beautiful Balinese Paintings) - MAS (village exciting wood carvings) - Tegalalang (Beautiful rice terrace view - Kintamani, volcano & lake Batur (and lunch) - Agro Tourism (spices, coffee plantage) - Tampak Siring, Holy Spring water

Heart Of Bali - Countryside Tour
(7 Bali attractions, Beautiful tour)
Pura Taman Ayun (Royal Temple) - Lake Bratan & /Ulun Danu Temple (beautiful lake view and floating temple) - Twin Lakes: Buyan & Tamblingan Lake (Excting view) - Munduk - Blahmantung waterfall - Coffee-/vanilla- /clove plantation - Pupuan and Blimbing Villages (rice terraces/fields)

Buddhist monastery meditation & Lovina Bali tour (8 Attractions Exciting Tour)
Day 01:
Pick up at your hotel - Taman Ayun Temple (Royal Family Temple of Mengwi Kingdom) - Pachung Rice Terraces & Lunch (Beautiful view from the restaurant) - Bedugul: - Candi Kuning - Ulun Danu Temple with Lake Bratan (Beautiful view) - Rain Forest - Gitgit Waterfall (highes waterfall on Bali) - Singaraja (pass though only) - Lovina Beach /-city - dinner & overnight stay

Day 02:
Lovina Beach Dolphin Watching - Breakfast/relax - Banjar natural Hot Spring - Subuk, Rice fields (spectacular view of rice field) - Belimbing Coffee/tea & enjoy the rice fields view - Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest - Tanah Lot & Sunset view - Return to your hotel

Coffee Growing, Plantation and Coffee Hut - Bali

Although tourism produces the economy's largest output, agriculture is still the island’s biggest employer, most notably rice cultivation. (If you want to know more about how rice is produced on Bali, click here: Bali attractions - and choose "Rice Growing" from the menu).

Crops grown in smaller amounts include fruit, vegetables, Coffee Arabic and other cash and subsistence crops. Fishing also provides a significant number of jobs.

The Arabic coffee production region is the highland region of Kintamani near Mount Batur. Generally, Balinese coffee is processed using the wet method. This results in a sweet, soft coffee with good consistency. Typical flavors include lemon and other citrus notes.

A very expensive coffee is Luwak coffee (Kopi Luwak) - a rare and unusual delicacy, collected from the dung of the civet - a wild cat (Paradoxurus - locals call it Luwak's) which lives all over Bali and in other parts of Indonesia. The cats are "coffee snobs", eating only the juiciest coffee cherries the ripe, red berries that are considered the best for brewing.

Bali Coffee, Plants, Fruits, Bali

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They do have excellent taste and they swallow them whole. While in their stomach, the cherries are processed by the civet’s stomach acids and enzymes. After a while the beans exit the civet body. The fruit has been removed but the beans are whole.

As a result, the bean has an aroma and flavor distinctly its own. The beans are cleaned and dried before roasting, if that's on your mind. When roasted it results in oilier beans. The oilier the better is what the experts say. The result is coffee that tastes rather like dark chocolate with a hint of hazelnut.

Many coffee farmers in Kintamani are members of a traditional farming system called Subak Abian, which is based on the Hindu philosophy of "Tri Hita Karana”. According to this philosophy, the three causes of happiness are good relations with God, other people and the environment.

The Subak Abian system is ideally suited to the production of fair trade and organic coffee production. Arabic coffee from Kintamani is the first product in Indonesia to request a Geographical Indication.

Civet coffee has more than one source. The best known is Indonesia where it is called Kopi Luwak. This exotic coffee sells for about $600 a pound.

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More info here: learn more about Kopi Luwak, Bali Coffee Plantage - wikipedia

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