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Bali island has a lot of exciting Bali places - from beautiful and peaceful ancient Bali temples, from huge Bali temples like the Besakih Mother temple to smaller but very old temples. Lot of Bali temples have a very special duties - both daily and at the Bali celebrations and festivities.


Added on 21/04/2011

We spent 10 days in wonderful Bali and were met by the kindest guide who picked us up at the airport. On the way to our hotel Norman had already told us a lot about Bali and it was very interesting.

We had Norman to show us Bali and he was always funny and energetic and he told us everything there

is to know about the beautiful island. We booked Norman, from Tour Guides Bali, for about 4 tours and they were all very exciting and beautiful.

Especially the tours to an elephant park where we got to ride an elephant and the tour to Bali Bird Park with the associated reptile park were great!

Norman is a true Balinese and cares about the community, so if you want to experience Bali the way it's supposed to, book your tours through him, Tour Guides Bali - you won't regret it!

Thank you Norman, for the best holiday ever!

Melissa & Tobias
Copenhagen, Denmark.

Tobias Moentegaard

At the Festivities - everyone dressed in the impressive and finest sarong. When a family all sit on the only motorbike the family own – then the sarongs flaps around in competition with the pennants, which has been raised in every site of the roads on thin bamboo stalks. The area are filled with people, young, older and children – no hurry, the celebration will continue to long into the night. You will be filled with an inner silence – You have come to Bali.

Bali Island are blessed with an exciting Bali history and lots of Bali attractions / Bali Places (no matter if you are interested in shopping in Bali, culture, Bali tours, restaurants, night-places, museum visits, Bali sightseeing tours activities). Even inside the major Bali cities - you'll find historical Bali places and buildings - some of them are places with special and exciting Bali history.

Bali tour - Bali Dance Uluwatu

Several of the Bali places - have different types of animals - from monkey forest in Ubud or at Gunung Kawi to the beautiful Bali Bird Park with hundreds of pretty, funny and dangerous birds (well placed in cages) - use the link and read more about the Bali Bird park - or the most quiet place - the Bali Butterfly Park - with hugh beautiful butterflies. Inside almost Bali info pages (use links to the left) include Bali Videos, Bali Pictures, Bali Info, Bali Map.

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