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Jimbaran Bay Seafood - Jimbaran, Fishing village

Jimbaran Bay - Bali beach, the meeting place sea and land - The locals have very beautiful and fun Bali beach areas. The Balinese are very lucky that their land is located in tropical zone, great weather almost happened every month. It's a fact that many tourist come to countries, just to enjoy the beaches, feeling the sun and sand.

That is why Bali and the Balinese are very lucky - attracting many tourist to place their vacation on Bali because of the sea, sand and sun of the Bali Beaches...

A part of the most famous Bali beach stretch from Kuta beach - north of Jimbaran beach to - Uluwatu Beach (exotic beach) and Padang Padang Beach (enchanting Bali beach nestled into a pocket of lava-rocks) to the south of Jimbaran Beach.

It's not only the area mentioned above where you'll find a beautiful Bali beach. There are so many beautiful beaches like Jimbaran beach, Kuta beach, Nusa Penida beach, Uluwatu beach, Nusa Lembongan beach, Sanur beach, Lovina beach, Nusa Dua beach, Dreamland beach, Candi Dasa and Tanah Lot beach with their beauty panoramic view. That's Bali - Bali paradise - the island surrounded by the Indian Ocean and Java Sea.

Jimbaran is situated in the south about 10-15 minutes drive from the Bali International airport, where all Bali flights land. Though this is an extremely well liked vacation destination it hasn't become as commercial as the other places in Bali.

jimbaran bay seafood

Jimbaran Bay beaches are lined with wonderful places to stay from Jimbaran hotels, Bali - Jimbaran beach villas, luxury resort to traditional villas, the standard of Jimbaran hotel is mid range to 5 star Bali accommodation.

Jimbaran beach is a long part of Bali beach, in the southwest of Bali, with the dazzling white sand that Bali is famous for with flat water all year long. The mix of native and holiday maker dwellings makes it an energetic and engaging place to stay. If you want to read more about the attractions - then visit this page and choose among the attractions - click here: Bali Attractions

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Jimbaran beach: "Jimbaran Ganesha Pudak Cafe"

Although Jimbaran hasn't become as commercial as the other places in Bali - Jimbaran has managed to present seafood restaurants with more luxury and memorable. Jimbaran Bay is a stretch of beach with many restaurants!

One of the most favorite seafood cafe is Jimbaran Ganesha Pudak Cafe, Bali beach.

Jimbaran Ganesha Pudak Cafe has two sitting places, once is inside the building, the other is on the sand, by the beach. To get a full experience eating here at this Jimbaran Cafe, make sure you get your table on the sand.

Jimbaran beach restaurants offering you a complete activities of seafood products, which makes Kedonganan and Jimbaran bay different than others which really is a worth of a tour - be guided by your Bali tour guide. Jimbaran is a very interesting place for people who would like to enjoy fresh grilled seafood under beautiful panorama of sunset.

Ganesha cafe offers you the best service and delicious seafood in Kedonganan, serving Balinese menu, traditionally prepared and locally caught seafood and French Mediterranean dishes, Ganesha Cafe is perfectly located next to the Jimbaran beach, with some tables set up directly on the sand.

When you come to Bali - don't miss out the Jimbaran Ganesha Pudak Cafe - it gives you very special memories - that you'll keep remembering.

It's really a pleasure to be in the relaxing beach-area of Jimbaran with beach restaurants / beach cafe and enjoy fresh grilled seafood under beautiful panorama of sunset! A place we really would recommend you to make a visit - perhaps after a tour of one of our tour packages. It's the perfect place to relax after a beautiful day on Bali. If you want more info about this place - click here: Jimbaran bay - fishing village - Wikipedia

We really want to show you one or more of Bali tourist attractions - including the Jimbaran Ganesha cafe, Bali beach, or if you want to rent one of our cars with driver for a half or whole day - there are so many paces/tourist attractions to visit on Bali - no matter if you are interested in culture, night-places, or wish to find one of the most beautiful spots to feel relaxed, safe and enjoy your vacation - then book one of Tour Guides Bali tours / tour guides. You get access to the content: of the tour packages - learn more here: Read more here about Bali tour packages

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