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Rice is food of half the world's population and is the world's most important crop. Bali Rice cultivation/agriculture goes back at least 2,000 years. The current method of irrigation goes back at least 1,000 years.

Bali rice is the staple diet of the Balinese. The word nasi (rice) also means "meal". The Balinese cannot really conceive of a meal without rice and the number of words for rice indicates its importance: Padi, Gabah, Beras, Nasi, cooked rice. There are three different types of rice: Barak, red rice, Injin.

Rice, to the Balinese, is more than just the staple food; it is an integral part of the Balinese culture. The rituals of the cycle of planting rice, maintaining, irrigating, and harvesting rice enrich the cultural life of Bali beyond a single staple can ever hope to do.

Before planting rice, throughout growing rice time, at harvesting rice, ceremonies are held and the Balinese offers are presented to Dewi Sri, the goddess of rice. In the middle of rice fields far from the village, you often find little shrines with netaly presented flowers, fruit, and offerings for Dewi Sri. And the vista of beautifully sculpted rice field terraces will always be in your memory...

Some of the rituals are carried out by the Balinese farmer at a small temporary shrine in the upstream corner of the field, others at the water temples. The rites include water opening, field preparations, transplanting, growth, panicle appearance, flowering and harvesting.

The upstream corner of the rice field is sacred. Here offerings are made to Dewi Sri. At harvest rice time a sacred image of Dewi Sri herself is made from rice that grows closest to this spot. It is not eaten but carried to the rice barn and given offerings.

At the beginning of planting rice time, after the water buffaloes walk the rice fields several times to prepare them, ceremonies are held to carry the young stems of rice that have been nurtured in a special nursery. On each section of the rice fields, the corner nearest to Gunung Agung will receive the honor to be the first place to receive the young stems of rice.

The water level in each section is perfect; little streams of water effortlessly flow from the highest section up on top of the hill to the very bottom section. The planning and responsibility of the irrigation and planting schedule are arranged through subak, a Balinese system that ties together rice cultivation with its water temple system. Historical evidence dates this system to around the 11th century, yet the yield per acre of a Balinese rice field is about the highest in the world!

Rice grows very well in Bali and the quality is excellent. Padi Bali is the old traditional Balinese rice, grown from time immemorial, but now largely replaced by "new" or "miracle" rice. Bali Padi takes 210 days to grow, the length of the Balinese year.

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