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Turtle Island, Bali, Indonesia.
With White Sand - Bali beach.
Lots of Turtles & Other Animals Too.
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Pulau Penyu, or Turtle Islands is actually three islands. But the island Pulau Selingan is the only island open to tourists. It is a turtle conservation area, taking great care to preserve the endangered specie. It is a special experience to visit the scarce animal like turtle in the beautiful island surrounded by the white sand and overlooking to the magnificent view.

There are also komodo dragons, birds, snakes and other wildlife. Visitors must travel by boat, and there are tour companies that can provide transportation.

The tour start from Tanjung Benoa Beach - Near Nusa Dua. The Bali tour from Nusa Dua and Turtle Island Bali is a short tour revealing some of the beautiful Bali beach areas. You get to the Turtle Island, Bali, from the Tanjung Benoa beach in glass bottom boats to the Turtle Island - the boats stop over in one of the fish spot point where it's possible to see fish throughout the glass bottom boat. Be dazzled by the beautiful colourful tropical fishes and coral reefs.

The Bali tours to Turtle Island is a great tour for all young/old, families etc.. Remember sun cream and sun glasses for the tour to Turtle Island Bali. Besides turtles, there are bats, snakes, iguana, eagles, hedgehogs, hawks and falcons as well as rabbits and squirrels as part of the wild life collection. Most of the animals are "domesticated and we can touch and hold the snakes (whatch picture - slide below), iguanas, bats and falcons if we are game enough.

Sea turtles are recognized as an endangered species and because of that they are protected from exploitation in most countries worldwide. Many countries have implemented various laws etc. to protect the turtles and turtle nestling areas within their jurisdiction. But the turtles' populations are still in danger because of several human practices such as that some countries have not protected the sea turtles by law. Pollution indirectly harms the turtle populations too.

Tour Guides Bali would like to show you Turtle Island, Bali, either as a part of a full day tour or a half day tour. There are lot of paces/tourist attractions to visit on Bali - just take a look at our Bali tours packages - to ensure your tour and the right guide for you (speaking the language you want) please book your Bali tour in good time. Book one or more of our Bali tours / tour guides. You find the details about how/where to book your Bali tours / tour guide, inside the tour packages - in the menu - left of this page.

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